A Collaborative Divorce is different approach to a conventional divorce. It provides couples with an opportunity to minimize the negative effects a divorce can have on the family and provide the best possible outcome for the entire family, especially children. It is an out of court process that empowers a couple to engage in interest-based negotiations and craft their own settlement – one that is fair to all members of the family.

Each spouse retains their own collaboratively-trained attorney, and 4-way, face-to-face meetings are scheduled on a consistent basis. All negotiations are conducted in the group setting. Other collaborative professionals can join the meeting if needed, including mental health professionals and financial planners. The “team” continues to meet on a regular basis until a full settlement is reached – there is no pressure of court dates or deadlines. Once a settlement is reached, the legal paperwork is drafted and the required legal filings are simply an uncontested legal procedure.

Compare this to the typical litigated divorce in which there are usually a number of contested issues pitting one party against the other. These issues are generally resolved through court proceedings and often cause a great deal of animosity and emotional damage that can linger for years. The collaborative process utilizes a team of professionals to address all the issues a divorce presents in a manner which minimizes the emotional fallout and meets the needs of, and achieves a deeper peace for, the whole family.

The Collaborative Process is a good choice for couples who are seeking a respectful and dignified process by which to end to their marriage, one that allows them to restructure their families in a way that minimizes the emotional toll a contested, litigated divorce can have on a family and provides the family with a good outcome for all.

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