Parenting Time Attorney Oakland County

Parents want to spend as much time as possible with their children. In Michigan, parenting time is based on the best interest of the children. When parents divorce or couples no longer live together, the children’s best interests are served by the continuation of a strong, healthy parent-child relationship with both parents. If parenting time is in dispute, it is essential to come up with an appropriate parenting time plan – one that will foster a strong relationship between the children and each parent.

A parenting time plans should offer structure but allow for flexibility. A sound parenting time plan should address how the children will spend weekdays and weekends; holidays and birthdays; school breaks and summers; as well as special needs children

In addition, there are post-judgment parenting time issues that may arise as families change. If your parenting time schedule becomes unworkable due to a change in circumstances, a modification to an existing parenting time plan may be appropriate. By petitioning the court, you may be able to obtain changes to an existing parenting time order. Additionally, a parenting-time plan may need to be adjusted if a parent changes employment or moves farther away.

The best way for you to help your children and protect your rights is to have an appropriate parenting time plan – one that meets the needs of each parent, and more importantly, the needs of the children.

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Parenting Time Attorney Oakland County